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Swivel Hygiene Handpiece 

360' Swivel


  • Lightest Hygiene handpiece only 2.1 oz. for fatigue-free use

  • Removable mini nose cones for Easy maintenance & sterilization

  • Friction grip chucking mechanism, just push-in or pull-out the prophy head

  • offers smooth, vibration-free operation, up to 5000 RPM 

  • Ergonomic Design provides the perfect balance 

  • 360' Swivel for superb maneuverability

  • Soft start-up speed prevents paste splatter

  • Superior torque to overcome the toughest polishing challenges 

  • directly connects to any 4-hole tubing

  • Compatible with all standard disposable prophy angles 

  • Autoclavable up to 275 'F (135 'C)

  • Buy direct from the manufacturer

  • One Year Warranty, Made in the U.S.A 


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