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Cordless Prophy Handpiece - Complete Unit

Cordless Prophy Handpiece - Complete Unit

$799.95 Regular Price
$649.95Sale Price



  • Stylish, sleek body. 
  • 360° swivel for superb maneuverability. 
  • Ergonomic design provides perfect balance. 
  • Easy start button operation with simplistic design. 
  • The Motor Unit operates quietly, smoothly, and vibration-free. 
  • Battery light to indicate low batter voltage. 
  • Built in feedback circuit keeps the rotation at a constant speed even when a load applied to the Motor Unit changes. 
  • The interchangeable Friction-Grip Nose Cones provided for this product are all autoclavable at 135°C (DO NOT AUTOCLAVE MOTOR UNIT). 
  • Compatible with all universal disposable Prophy Angles. • High torque for optimal procedures. 
  • Friction-Grip Nose Cones, for easy use. Simply push-in/pull-out disposable Prophy Angels. 
  • Friction-Grip Nose Cones can be purchased in individual packs.
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